North Side Banana Co.
North Side Banana Co.  
  2554 Airline Drive
  Houston, TX 77009
  713.869.6620 Fax
BRC Storage & Distribution Certified
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North Side Banana Co.
is a Houston based wholesale produce company, offering a full line of fresh quality produce. We are conveniently located inside The Houston Farmers Market. North Side Banana is one of the oldest produce companies in Houston, founded by Hilmer C. Schmidt in 1958.

Here at North Side Banana Company, customer service is priority. Our produce is fully inspected daily to assure the freshest product is available to our customers.  With over 50 years of continuous service we are proud to provide our produce to many of Houston’s finest grocery stores, restaurants, and wholesalers.

Our team has extensive experience in the produce industry and is truly dedicated to the success of our customers!

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  Wholesale Hours
   Mon – Fri:  4am – 1pm
   Sat: 4am – Noon
  Receiving Hours
   Mon: 3am - Noon
   Tue – Fri: 4am - Noon
   Sat: 3am – 10:30am
On the Farmer's Market Since 1958